Literally could not wait to share this! The minute I tuned into this for the first time, I was driving, it was night and I swear my pupils dilated and the traffic lights grew brighter and stained my retina for ages and I was smiling and having stupid feels all over the place in traffic! BRILLIANT!




11336803_882406408465019_9174681776050740608_o 11295587_882406718464988_7751319775909441555_nAHHH It’s been ages since I’ve been on here, hasn’t it?! In total shock and denial that it’s June.

Anyway, my absence is due to a new freelance gig, a gruelling fitness challenge I was doing with my gym and swept up all my energy, and a holiday to Trinidad, my hometown. Also, I just discovered that adorable British show Him and Her…

Nevermind… more soon! x


puma-house-hackney-backpack-550x437LED …. Two of my ultimate sartorial cravings right now…

I just landed a ton of new gigs and the first of several hefty cheques just came through five minutes ago. It’s the weekend and indeed I’m feeling to treat myself. But not just yet as I need to be cautious with money ahead of a much overdue trip home to Trinidad in late May.

BUT AFTER THAT…. I will try my best for these – or knock-offs like it (as they’re probably limited edition) to be mine. Gosh PLEASE!

PUMA by House of Hackney Hooded Backpack


Simulation LED-soled trainers



marBLUE1A few snaps from that time last month I forgot to tell you I was featured in Tempo Magazine for my personal style blueprint (oops!). I still don’t have access to the final shots but I managed to stumble upon this bank of three in a really random way – the editor-in-chief of a new magazine I have begun writing for used the middle image as my author profile picture on their website and I told him how creepy it was that he had that shot of me and that I didn’t! So he linked it to me via Google Images haha.

Indeed, I am all over the internet ladies and gents (and sometimes I don’t even know it). Still quite honoured to be having this much work lately. From this to my massive hula hooping feature in The National recently (here & here), to next weekend’s supplement on all thing yoga for Sport360 and then helping launch the ShortList Abu Dhabi website this week.

Yes, ShortList has come to the UAE! And what a privilege to be part of the team (from afar) for the related publication to the UK giant. At the moment, just the website is up and running (there’s also a Dubai-specific one) but the physical magazine should hit the Emirates full on from September.

Too stoked! Get used to this face!


Paola Berton (3)1779700_10152865613424150_372210286820064195_n


11182195_10152865613254150_8407616618352132620_nSome stunning images of hula hooping extraordinaire Paola Berton, who arrives today to Dubai to lead the UAE’s first big hoop festival.

I’m going to make more of an effort to share the work I do, and today I am all over the Arts and Life section of The National newspaper regarding this festival and the blossoming “hoopster” scene here, which I infiltrated all of last month haha.

Have a read here and here if you like. Oh, and there’s still slots available for the festival – go here. See you there!


Damn guys, I’ve been out a while huh?! So terribly sorry, I only now have REAL work to do what with two new publishing clients on board to add to my existing ones. Freelancing has never been so fashionable. I’m tired but grateful.

…To be fair, I’ve also just been lazy.

Anyway, as sober as I am all the way out in Abu Dhabi… It’s 4/20, and the show must go on elsewhere! All I managed was to wear a Bob Marley tshirt during CrossFit training today, personally but for those who can partake without getting swiftly and silently deported, I’m back to say a happy happy day of responsible bad behavior to you – blaze and be merry, you bastards.

As a gift, here’s the aptly timed release of Season 1 Episode 1 of Major Lazer’s new TV series. It is veryyyy good. And you can wine your waist to it (how much TV can boast that talent?! lol).

Bless x

#FourTwenty #ImGoingtoGetinTroubleforThis


 1498998_849419281763732_6737310057223184129_o1780934_849419398430387_260616893752112765_oNew clutch bag!

With a cute little story behind it courtesy House of Fraser at World Trade Center Mall, who today hosted media for an exclusive look at their SS15 collection…

11075029_849434485095545_3965914811041768151_o10982266_849401358432191_3131800139074330795_o 905984_849434335095560_3910226656674124598_o 10856797_849434601762200_131494766022875583_o 11034364_849434728428854_1367564464843015717_o10985347_849434678428859_8111254274258259744_oThe event seemed innocent enough when I got there, a quaint afternoon tea spread, a bit of media/blogger schmoozing and adoration of the new pieces – and there are many to adore, trust me! – but after getting my nails done complimentary of the in-store Hello Kitty mother/daughter nail salon (Thank You!), I was quickly swooped up and told that four of us would be part of an impromptu style-off, choosing pieces from the collection – spread all over the multi-level department store! – and rocking out one mannequin in a fresh spring/summer look. In 20 minutes. 

I was chosen.11076200_849430048429322_8008810471495234597_oI did NOT stick to the memo – in my defense, spring pastels, pinks and florals, despite being all gorgeous, have just never really been my area (you know how chill I am…).

It’s true I had many a pink/floral/pastel item with me on the operating table … but with five minutes left and after much debate, drama and distress shredding across the floor space with an assistant in tow, I stumbled upon “The All Seeing Eye”! That clutch bag! …And decided to stick to my guns, stay true to me and devote my in-the-end mediocre efforts to it.

I chose ‘white’, ‘mesh’, ‘airy’ and ‘scary’ as my inspiration – my rational being that it SS15 translates to ‘damn hot weather’ in Abu Dhabi – and I added those cool slips everyone is wearing/wanting a night-time heel for later (thrown in for lack of much on my lady to begin with).

What can I say, I’m picky, it was stressful.

1553062_849401341765526_7568693892938653839_o  11043254_849431308429196_5006543407317308432_oAbove you can sort of see the other adorable looks from bloggers and fashion editors/contributors alike, and naturally that pink bombshell of a very Sex and the City meets House of Fraser getup won. As soon as I saw that fellow competitor racing across the room with that pouffy skirt – WHERE THE HELL DID SHE FIND IT?! I DIDN’T SEE IT!! – that’s when I knew it was all over.

Well played. And I would actually wear that to the races with a crazy pink hat. Sorted.

10830520_849419188430408_1032701860727381974_oSo yes, in an effort to make myself feel a little better, I looted my own mannequin and walked away Dh550 lighter. AND HEY, It’s green for St Paddy’s! You’ll definitely “SPY” me out in it somewhere across town tonight (check you, checkin’ me out checkin’ you out…)

10896452_849419165097077_2062183286644750765_oOh, and I went home only to realise that I may have a thing for garish bags with massive eyes on them (‘look at me, look at me!’ much?). Ah well, no regrets were had on what turned out to be a fabulous girly day out.

In the end… YOU MUST, YOU MUST, shop the SS15 collection at House of Fraser now, it is bangin’. There’s something in it for everyone.

PS. It was also brought to my attention today that HOF is launching their second flagship Abu Dhabi store in Yas Mall in May! It’s going to be quite something, and will really add even more exceptional retail oomph to Yas. I have yet to indulge in a spree at Yas Mall yet – it’s a very intimidating place! But I think I’ll wait for the HOF launch, suck it up and give it a go.


11059453_849419518430375_3230141262406524477_o 11073434_849419231763737_8239597697263082861_oWhen your shoe is of an already ridiculous nature, why not make it even more over-the-top by adding anklets?! Lol, felt quite playful today I guess…

Probably because I also changed my hair. Yep, the grey is back…


[Topshop heels, matching silver anklets from Anjuna Flea Market in Goa; Sunnies fromm Evita Peroni]


1780973_846724575366536_9106909901491362303_o 10980175_846724615366532_3465646166549039191_o 11016134_846724038699923_4816020944898953031_o 11059526_846723928699934_6132822701424828545_oWhere the magic happens.

I recently realised that I am an adult and that my bed is no longer going to cut it as a freelance office, hence I cleared a work space. I am proud of it. It’s got my own black and white SLR photography from London, hand painted post cards from India, Geisha dolls and demon masks from China and Hindu gods from Sri Lanka… plus essential shit like a million USB devices with my entire careers on them, press releases and business cards, dictaphone, coloured pens, speakers (skull) and epic words of wisdom courtesy Anya Hindmarch in Porter magazine (she is actually a genius!).

The second half of March is an exciting one for me. Not only have I been commissioned some exciting articles, I am also entering three short stories I just whacked out to a big women’s magazine. Quite nervous but it is important to believe in your talent, and I do… even on the dark days. This table also has shelving underneath housing a ton of my most inspirational novels so I can reach for them and flick through instantly if I am feeling lost in my own fiction – a bit of Hanif Kureishi, Haruki Murakami, Barbara Kingsolver, Patti Smith, Miranda July, David Mitchell, David Nicholls, Amy Tan… you know…


10846227_802793443092983_7386542120675114436_n11064615_846393602066300_3042858647770150781_oOh, it’s on Adriana!

It is never ever ever ever ever ever too late to learn new skills. Right now I am trying Adult Gymnastics at Fit Republik in Dubai Sports City (can’t say much more until the article comes out), and I will definitely also be signing on for this Hula Hoop Festival and workshops in Dubai in April (also writing something on this so a bit hush hush for now…).

Oh and this guy is everything… New mission: own that strength. One day!


legler legler1 legler2

I love androgyny and the blurring of lines in society… it’s so fun and exciting.

Serious #WCW right now for Casey Legler, the world’s first female male model, whom I had no idea about until now! She is also an ex Olympic swimmer. I used to be a competitive swimmer too when I was younger and I could see my body transform – broader shoulders, slimmed down lower body, mannish thighs… it was quite shocking to me at the time though as I was 15 and wanted to kiss a boy haha.

Anyway, my fails aside… She is so beautiful. She is so perfect. She is so everything. Learn more about her here in a heartwarming video. What she says in the end about meeting a fan in Brooklyn just makes me want to stand up and continue to fight the good fight!



nikenike5 nike4 nike3 nike2 nike1What better way to have spent International Women’s Day on Sunday than helping kick off Nike Middle East’s new women’s only run club at their awesome new store in Box Park, Al Wasl. Women from all walks of life came, we ran, and we inspired each other, it was truly such an honour.

The club’s first official run will be on Monday 16th at 7pm from the same location, while other co-ed meetups continue to take place a couple times a week while the weather’s good. Join them by registering here!

I love it when the Nike PR girls send me invites, their events are always off the chain and great fitness inspiration for my down-in-the-dumps days (which I’m crawling through right now).

As I’ve said in previous fitness posts, all it takes to get me out of a rut is some new gear, and if I wasn’t terrifyingly broke I would’ve bought up the whole shop that night! I am, however, definitely coming back for those psychedelic kicks! 


Marching On

I woke up feeling a little more intelligent recently…Cleaner, even.

Adidas Originals sweat shirt / Zara white top / Zara black top / Calvin Klein cotton bra / Calvin Klein high rise shorts / NIKE activewear shorts / NIKE clothing / Diesel socks / Free People heel boots / Alexander Wang black leather boots / Zara leather shoes / Rebecca Minkoff backpacks bag / Mandala Tattoo, Black Mandala, Henna Mandala Temporary Tattoo (Set of… / Green stoneware / Zara Home Denim-Effect Notebook / L Objet green tea cup


10827969_841470002558660_8781935311533707728_oHI! WHERE AM I?

10849032_841470492558611_4899088518968265465_o 10998073_841470275891966_5288855093950333525_o 11024663_841470402558620_7406468212652454562_o 11025984_841470059225321_883228217784762427_o1932796_841470105891983_2356378477680479024_o 11030917_841470132558647_5441793408043518356_o 11044611_841470232558637_5558336347324523614_o 11046613_841470049225322_2860617450917122454_oI’ve been blogging on various platforms for over ten years now but some time last week, WordPress informed me that Bach & Bukowski turned four years old! Too cute!

I thought January was awesome and noteworthy but February was basically a mirror image of that and ended in serious splendour as I checked into the St Regis Hotel Corniche in Abu Dhabi for the night.

I can’t say too much as I am busy writing a review of the place for a paper but, despite the fact that I generally find UAE brunches terrifyingly intimidating, intense and over the top, St Regis’ Bloody Mary Brunch is out of this world, straight-up classy and a new favourite. I took my mum then spent the rest of the stay being luxuriously lazy with the boy. Spa treatment the next day, beach, BBQ… oh man, I think I may have to reconsider the idea of being a carefree yogi freelance bum over  a rich Regis-dwelling corporate type – they have it made! I was beyond spoilt!

The rooms – and their otherworldly views – too are spectacular. Like, I don’t even recognise this side of Abu Dhabi – WHERE AM I?!

1654590_841470599225267_57669511506502173_oTo top it all off, don’t miss a chance to do your hungover Saturday selfies at the luxe Nation Riviera Beach Club just across the road before (sadly) checking out.


The perfect blogger birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY B&B!

Yalla, March, what you got?